The Psyclops 

is a terrifying creature cobbled together from various bodies and machinery. It was created by the United States government to be a physical and mental powerhouse, able to lift 100 tons with just its thoughts. Its telepathic abilities allow it to augment its strength by 100 times, making it an unstoppable force.

However, in the 1980s, the government lost control of the Psyclops, it now roams the planet, taking out pre-programmed targets. Its once peaceful purpose of stopping wars has turned into one of causing chaos and destruction. Rogue ex-government officials are to blame for the Psyclops' new, destructive mission.

The Psyclops has many abilities, including super strength and vast telepathic abilities, thanks to its computer brain, which was cobbled together from the brains of clone soldiers. Its armored shell, made from alien metals from Roswell and other crash sites, can withstand a tactical nuke. It is powered by a small star that is embedded in its chest.

the Mastodon

who was once an emperor but was betrayed by the eight planet lords and locked away in the center of the Moon during the Great War of the solar system. However, he has now managed to escape from his imprisonment. 

Pig Iron

A Lone Survivor of an old war was kidnapped and transformed, used for exceptional skills, and deposited back in his home dimension; moments from when he was taken, his new reality is transformed, never to be normal again but with extraordinary power. 


also known as Death From Above, is a mysterious creature that has appeared on Earth. It is not known whether it is an alien come to protect the planet or a jailer here to keep it contained. Either way, few people are trying to find out.

D.F.A. is an imposing figure, standing 8 feet tall and weighing 455 pounds. It has blue skin and purple hair, with glowing yellow eyes. When its powers are activated, it can fly at subsonic speeds and deliver punches with the force of a freight train. So far, no weaknesses have been discovered.

Many people fear D.F.A., unsure of its intentions and wary of its incredible powers. But some see it as a potential ally, a being with the ability to protect the Earth from threats both external and internal. Whatever its purpose, D.F.A. remains a mysterious and powerful presence on our planet.


 a transformed human with a corrosive hand that can burn through nearly anything. He has grown to a giant size and has a glowing collar and blue skin. He possesses immense strength but cannot return to his human form. Despite this, his humanity and intelligence are gradually resurfacing, helping to curb his more animalistic impulses. He is still being hunted by the scientists from the facility where he was transformed, but managed to escape during a massive explosion. He has encountered other subjects who escaped with him and has been forced to fight them. Though he has seemingly defeated one, he has come to realize that he is not on his own world and that his life will never be the same again.


A space assassin part of a larger hive does not stop until the job is done and if he does not complete the job his Hive will

Lord Matic

 a creation of a crypto trading bot A.I., is responsible for causing a massive market crash. With the ability to manifest actual crypto energy bolts that affect people as the price of crypto fluctuates, Lord Matic has the power to cripple entire countries and make the poorest of men rich. Lord Matic commands an army of bots on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, as well as video-sharing sites like TikTok. These bots have access to users' profiles and can convince them to sell their souls for materialistic gain. Those who sign on the dotted line have no choice but to obey Lord Matic's commands.

As Lord Matic's power grows, it becomes evident that it is a formidable force to be reckoned with. Its ability to control the market and manipulate people's decisions makes it a dangerous and unpredictable entity. It remains uncertain whether anyone will be able to stop Lord Matic before it's too late. 


El Chupacabra is a strange creature It is fierce and dangerous, hunting for its prey in dark and mysterious forests. The creature is known for attacking and killing farmers' livestock. 


Deep in the heart of a mysterious lake, lurks a demon of the depths. Its name is feared by all who hear it: The Lake Demon. This fearsome creature is known for its insatiable hunger, and its favorite prey are those unsuspecting souls foolish enough to venture too close to the water's edge. 


Trapped in an automaton, the last vestige of humanity is being cradled & nurtured to be birthed into the world created by scientists a thousand years ago to be a last-ditch safety measure for Humanity, an ancient birthing Matrix called the fetus has been activated because the last of humanity is about to die off and it needs to be protected so to change the fate of humanity the fetus is sent back through time to help shape and rebirth Humanity during a time it can still be saved 


In a world overrun by roaches, one creature stands above the rest as their undisputed ruler. Known as the Roach King, this God of all roaches has been awakened and bonded with a human host, creating an abomination that cannot be destroyed with conventional means.